Trunk or Treat 

What to Expect: Families & Trick or Treaters

When you arrive at Riverside Park, in Riverside, with your family of Trick-or-Treaters, please make your way to our Entrance/Start tent. You will be asked to sanitize your hands before your trip down our Trick-or-Treat Lane!  


Once your hands are sanitized, you can begin your trip down our Trick-or-Treat Lane. Please do not move on to the next car until the family ahead of you has moved on. We encourage you to have fun while visiting our trunks, but please be mindful of other families who may be waiting to continue down the lane. 


When you have visited all of our cars, please exit through our Exit/End tent. If you would like to go through our Tick-or-Treat Lane again, please go back to our Entrance/Start tent. 

What to Expect: Trunk Decorators

Upon your arrival at Riverside Park, in Riverside, WA, please check-in/pull into a designated spot, with your Trunk facing the sidewalk. Please arrive with enough time before 5 PM, to ensure that your trunk is ready for when Trick or Treaters arrive at 5 PM.


When you have parked, you will receive candy from one of our volunteers. If you run out of candy, before you receive more, please contact Pastor Vern @ 509-429-3199. 


You can give out as much candy as you see fit, but please make sure you are treating all visitors the same! Adults can get some candy too! 



102 Tower Rd. 

Riverside, WA 98849

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