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We are a ministry geared towards connecting with teenage students. Regardless of where you come from, we are a place for you to belong. We do not intend to convert you to a religion, but are inviting you on a journey towards Jesus.

Ages 12 - 19
Teens & Library

Every quarter we go on an outing together to bond and grow in unity. From laser tag to camping, and bowling to scavenger hunts, we always have a good time!

Quarterly Outings
Group of Friends

Pastor Ty brings the word of God and the good news of Jesus to the students every week. The gospel is shared in applicable and challenging ways that aim to encourage our youth in their walk with Jesus and challenge them with sharing God with their peers.

Gospel Centered Teachings
Teen Prayer Group
Ignite Summer

Each Summer, our youth are invited to participate in our home missions trip - Ignite Summer. The students sacrifice two weeks out of the Summer and dedicate it to helping state churches, neighbors, outreaches, etc. They learn like the disciples and put into action the Great Commission. 

Group of Friends

So feel free to come as you are; we are real and will not put on a show nor look down on you for being different. We believe that every young man and woman holds the potential to "Impact" their "Generation" and the world they live in.