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PreSchool Pursuit

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These “At-Home” lessons are intended to add to our Sunday School teachings each Sunday as we go through the Six-Week Pursuit together. You can do them with your preschooler on Sundays as an immediate supplement to our lesson, or throughout the week as a refresher. There will be one at-home lesson per week. We are excited to go on this journey with you!

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Weekly Devotionals

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"God Calls Abraham"

Learn about what happened with Abraham believes in what God can do!


"Moses Trusts God to Feed the People"

Learn about how God will always make sure we have everything we need.


"David Believed God"

Learn about David and the battle that belongs to God!


"Elijah Shows God-Given Authority"

Learn about Elijah and how he trusted God's authority. 

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"Isaiah has a Vision"

Learn about Isaiah's vision, and how God uses visions to talk to us!


"Daniel and the Lion's Den"

Learn about Daniel's trust in God and how he wasn't afraid.

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