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Week 6 - Steadfastness

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Join us for Week 6 of the Six-Week Pursuit. Follow along with all of our in-house devotional materials, available below. You can select one day at a time, or download the entire week. We are excited to go on this journey with you. 

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Sunday's Sermon

Wednesday's Small Group

This video is intended to accompany our Wednesday night Small Groups. If you are unable to attend our Wednesday night groups or need a refresher, you are welcome to go through the materials in your own group/family, or on your own. 

Daily Devotionals


"Where Two or Three are Gathered"

Read what God has put on a church member's heart, and learn about the power of togetherness. 


"Daniel, Radshach, Meshach, and Abednego"

Read what God has put on Pastor Vern's heart, and join the legacy of Daniel, Radshach, Meshach, and Abednego


"All Things Work Together..."

Read what God has put on Pastor Ty's heart, and learn about God's faithfulness.


"It's Worth It"

Read what God has put on Becky's heart, and learn how to stick to it, and grow in your relationship with Christ.


"Daniel to the Three Hebrew Children"

Read what God has put on Pastor Vern's heart, and learn how to trust in God even in difficult times.


"An Introduction to Your Faith"

Get ready for next Sunday's sermon by learning about your faith. Prepare your heart and mind for Pastor's Sermon.

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